5 online writing services - Advantages and disadvantages

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These are some of the websites that were rated by students. They are just a sample of the writing services on the Internet. It is a big business and is getting bigger all the time. When someone is looking for writing services, it pays to do their research. It should be a well-established company offering full disclosure and completive prices.


The writers need to be qualified professionals that can do exceptional work and deliver on time. Take the time necessary to make the right choice. The ratings below were sorted by quality writing services you can find here:


EssayPenguins.com was founded five years ago and in the writing services field, is an advancing company. They can deal with any requests taking in anything from high school essays to complex Ph.D. requirements.


Any writer, wanting to write for EssayPenguins.com, is meticulously vetted before being allowed to take on assignments. All reviews and testimonials confirm the professionalism of the customer service staff.

They are competitive in the marketplace, and the price structure suggests this approach. With their promo and coupon code discounts and already low pricing, it turns into a great deal. Their website displays well, and it’s easy to view their services with just a glance.


They also offer a video explaining the entire process in less than a minute. EssayPenguins.com has worked to build its reputations and its membership in the Better Business Bureau was confirmed. Ratings online:

· Quality– 5 Stars

· Prices– 5 Stars

· Delivery– 4 Stars

Top Essay Writing.org

For almost five years, the testimonials for Top Essay Writing.org, a company based in America, have flowed in praising the service and quality of their writing. The writers are the ones that have pushed the company to the top in the marketplace.


Their range of services covers everything which includes college term papers, high school essays,thesis papers, business documents, and speeches. Every writer has the proper qualifications for a Bachelor’s degree,Ph.D., and specialises in academics.

Customer service and support rate at the top in this field and every query is dealt with efficiently and quickly. Despite its impressive reputation, their prices are affordable and competitive in the marketplace. There are discounts and promo codes that lower the costs.


Top Essay Writing.org gives a 100% guarantee, and all revisions are included. This is a trustworthy and reliable company and can be recommended to anyone. Ratings online:

· Quality– 5 Stars

· Prices– 4.5 Stars

· Delivery– 4.5 Stars

Pro Custom Writing.com

This is a professional and established company and has assisted students to achieve the academic goals needed to surpass in a career. Pro Custom Writing.com offers business and e-commerce writing along with the usual academic writing.


ProCustomWriting.com has a website that is easy to use and self-explanatory. Ordering is easy, and the options in the menus are concise, and the order can be tracked through the entire process.

Emails are replied to swiftly and answered with an informative response that covers the enquiry. The prices at Pro Custom Writing depend on the length, the level of knowledge needed, and how soon it’s needed. When combined with the free additions and discounts, it becomes very compelling.


The service at ProCustomWriting.com is brilliant, their pricing is fair, and their writing is splendid. Along with their membership in the Better Business Bureau, it’s an excellent choice for those looking for a writing service. Ratings online:

  • Quality – 5 Stars
  • Prices – 5 Stars
  • Delivery – 4 Stars


Edusson.com has searched the entire industry of writing services and questioned how to do it better. They say they’ll match a student to a writer from the same country. But what will happen when a writer, from that country, isn’t available? Edusson.com is new and not many testimonials, reviews, or rating scores are available.


Edusson isn’t considered safe, at this moment, because of the untested quality of the concept. The prices aren’t shown on the website, and a client has to register before receiving them.

After registering, the order goes to the writers who bid on the work. It’s an auction, where the bids are shown, and the client chooses. Edusson isn’t reliable due to the system of gathering information and their lack of indicating the skills of their writers.


Edusson.com prices aren’t available, and there are no discounts or promo codes shown. The company is too new, and a person should be careful as this could be a big gamble with the future. Ratings online:

  • Quality – 3 Stars
  • Prices – 3.3 Stars
  • Delivery – 4 Stars

Essay Tigers.com

The reviews of Essay Tigers reviews say they offer a wide range of writing. They include college term papers, high school essays to application essays,dissertations, thesis, and more. These services are made available by professional experts who write excellent work.


Essay Tiger’s customer service isn’t very knowledgeable. They are sometimes not able to answer questions, and potential clients are simply referred to the website.

Essay Tigers is not reliable and therefore,not safe but is by no means a scam. Clients have complaints that papers that were badly written and delivered late. They say that all of their writers speak English but can be questioned according to their grammar and spelling mistakes.


The research they use is not acceptable at some levels are not appropriate. There are no discounts unless a client spends, at least, $500 and there are no additional benefits.

Essay Tigers.com has a problem with its writing, and it’s not done well enough for the more complicated writing. Their website shows that this company is different from the others. It’s for everyone to decide whether this is the type of writing they want for documents that can be so important. Ratings online:

  • Quality – 3 Stars
  • Prices – 3 Stars
  • Delivery – 3 Stars

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